THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this lying alcoholic shatterhead slore in 2014 after being on the rebound from a 14yr marriage. I let her move in with me and my daughter earlier this year and told her to behave or get booted out. My daughter loved her but she turned on both of us. I caught her on a hookup site and she texted one guy 1200 times in 4 days on my phone bill. This woman is 36yrs old(but looks). She a sexual predator and prefers middle aged men as she is rough looking and very insecure. Both of her kids have FASD and a judge in Kamloops gave her mother custody. She had 5-6 losers going at once and would fuk them with kids in next room. She will literally fuk anybody, I caught her fuking a 70 alcoholic POS from Courtenay. She sent her kids to her mom’s in Kamloops in 2014, so she could have a guy stay at Christmas when she was with me, her mother never sent them back after they told their grandmother of Talias behavior. She has fuked 100s of men and is very proud of it. She would pick fights with me then “disappear” for days, I counted 13 guys but there are more. She was married to the Father of her kids for 4 yrs and had 29 police incidents in 1.5yrs while in Kamloops, all from her cheating he literally left the country to get away from her. She will Call men abusers when they catch her cheating and flip out on her. She has serious mental problems and any man dating her needs to be aware, she will clamp onto you and turn your life around. She speaks with a fake English accent to attract attention. Wrap it also as she has DRDs and could easily be drd positive, she has never been tested.



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  1. DanthemanDecember 25, 2018 at 3:43 PM

    I banged her in Parksville a few yrs back. She is screwed up forsure and definitely an alcoholic. Not surprised to see her on here, but she is a fun easy lay to say the least

  2. FishDecember 7, 2018 at 10:59 PM

    I know Talia. She is the complete opposite of what is being said here. She is nothing but kind, giving, will share anything she has with others and has always been there for the one she loves. Talia has always been straight forward about her passed. She has never once not taken responsibility for the things she has done. But as we all know everyone has a passed and some we’re not always proud of. The man writing this is absolutely ridiculous. Talia absolutely loved his daughter and misses her very much. Talia chose to leave do to the unrelenting abuse at the hands of this so called man. I have personally seen the aftermath of this abusers attack on my friend. Its disgusting and cruel. Talia is trying her best to leave this relationship behind only to be met with this kind of stupidity and immaturity. Rodney you need to give your head a shake and get in touch with reality. Keep your hands off women and maybe you’ll be able to keep one. Oh and take a bath you smell horrendous.

    • A guyDecember 26, 2018 at 6:42 AM

      All you know is what she is telling you. You have known her for 6 months since she started working, don`t worry it won`t last, she cannot maintain friendships. Wonder why she never talks about her history?
      You are obviously an alcoholic and complete idiot to believe her. She usually latches onto the biggest loser she can find, which is you now. It makes her feel big and important to hang with people below her.
      Look up Histrionic Personality Disorder, it will describe Talia to a tee!

      • The truth speakerMarch 9, 2019 at 6:22 PM

        I would like to start off by saying that I absolutely believe Talia had a hand in killing my father. Talia dated my father and leached on him until 2014 spring when he passed. Talia lies about my father having 3 autopsies, she had 2 funerals… one for her and all his family and friends and one that she only told his only 2 children about so no one thought we went to his actually funeral. She is a liar and a drunk. I got word that her children got taken away and she left her place she was renting (after trashing my dads home and I had to pay thousands of dollars to evict her) to try and collect some of my dads belongings since she gave his children nothing. The home was covered in black mold and beer cans. Disgusting. She also has my dads ashes which should not be in her hands it should be in his children possession. She is pure evil. Pure pure evil. What kind of human withholds every possession of a man who had children who loved him to throw his Possesions in the trash. She is the sickest human on this planet. Talia you are trash, I hate you and I am so ashamed my fathers ashes are in your possession. You should be ashamed of yourself and your stupid fake British accent. Rodney if you are reading this, I would love if you could respond and if you have information about my father or his ashes. I feel like this is not justice but just a small slice of karma for Talia.

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