the dumb Xena Bencharski

the dumb Xena Bencharski

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi Nik! this girl is messed. she already has a post on here but still hasn’t gotten it thru her thick head that she’s the problem. all she does is get stoned all day, be a b1tch to everyone she meets and talks sh1t. she has lost everyone in her life cause she’s so f*ckking rude. she’s a bully. and i swear she is never ever sober. she is always drinking every though i told her she drinks too much. she always is smoking pot. even her and her friend made a stupid instagram where they post vids of them smoking, yup she’s living the life. she thinks she’s so cool. but everyone fucking hates her and tries to avoid her as much as possible. maybe if she gets another post she will figure out thats she’s the problem, i don’t know hw her family puts up with her. she’s a low life. just wasting her life away. hope being stoned is all worth the shit she has caused.

— OP – I am sure another post is absolutely going to do the trick.

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  1. HilariousJune 6, 2018 at 10:56 AM

    LOL wow your really infatuated by Xena eh? Lol 2 posts now! Get over it youll never be her hunny XO.

    • Bitch pleazzMarch 19, 2019 at 6:53 PM

      Hahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing. Who the hell would want to be xena? Hahahaha so funny like seriously she’s the worst person ever! B1tch can’t keep her mouth shut or act like a grown up. She’s always High and drunk. Like we get it girl your life sucks but let’s grow up and learn from our mistakes not bring everyone you meet down to your level.