Women beater — Bryce Keddy

Women beater — Bryce Keddy

THE DIRTY ARMY: He calls him self a man. Please any man that spit on a women and grabs her neck all cause his last ex cheated on him. Poor baby. He is not a man. This guy is a manipulator and a lying goof. To think its funny to fart on his ex’s kid and also grab her mouth isn’t cool. He thinks he’s tough. The guy is a joke. Its sad and he think’s it’s cool to belittle women, mock them, put them down, call them whore in front of there kids isn’t a man. What is also sad and pathetic is that he has insecurities of his penis. So he try’s to have 3 sums with his ex’s friends cause he thinks that will solve his problems. Lol pretty sad how he likes to sleep with his ex’s old friend that he don’t really know and she is the town slore. Sad how he has to lie to mommy cause if she new the truth she would beat him way to support the military clown ?

–Threesomes help tiny penis insecurities? I don’t think Bryce thought that through



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  1. MeApril 23, 2018 at 5:07 PM

    Is this punk related to Aaron Keddy?