Dahveed hidalgo — Deadbeat bug eyed bum

Dahveed hidalgo — Deadbeat bug eyed bum

THE DIRTY ARMY: This loser has 4 kids all over the place with random ugly welfare bitches and he doesn’t pay a dime for any of them. He has never had a job in his life and lives off the system like a bum woman would do. He’s about 5 ft tall with his receding hair line and a short a55 d1ck. His bug eyes ain’t helping so he takes “ab pics” hahaha ok loser. His girlfriend looks like a used up floozy on meth. He carries drds as well this gross frog needs to be exposed. Hey dahveed ugly a55 bitch go pay for your kids!


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  1. Let me guessNovember 12, 2018 at 3:00 PM

    He was a 1 pump chump that got you preggerz and refuses to acknowledge your ugly offspring that you farted out?

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