Haley Leeworthy of Victoria

Haley Leeworthy of Victoria

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick Haley Leeworthy cheated on her boyfriend last year with his best friend after he caught her doing Pepsi with her dad. She then broke it off with him and has been with his best friend- or shall I say ex best friend- now ever since. Always hash tagging about her life being so great, but she barely has 2 nickels to rub together. Even moved in back home to her dads with her new boyfriend. Lol daddy and new bf support her.

This chick is going nowhere #no goals #back at home with my daddy #my bf is a dishwasher #we have no car no license #but you all jealous and I am so thankful for my wonderful life #didn’t aim too high in life did you sweetie ? but everyones ball so jealous right? #lmfao.

After highschool most went on to college or finding themselves a job, not her. #Not so young anymore hunny or as cute,time to snap out of it. She got cottage cheese for days and still wearing booty shorts…puke. Was at her place this summer and her dad is super creepy. Like, wow, when I grow up I want to do Pepsi with my dad, ewh gross. Every time I see her with her poor bf at the club, I think how can he trust that floozy, she probably end up doing one of his friends when she gets bored. Chicks not loyal, did it once do it again. #Toxic Love, doing Pepsi, getting drunk. #That ain’t what power couples do honey. #Advice of the day, stop doing Pepsi with daddy and new bae. Chicks on blast


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