Josh Brown — Steals Money From Girls/ Cheats On Girls

Josh Brown — Steals Money From Girls/ Cheats On Girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I met this guy (Josh Brown) on Facebook about a month ago. He was all kinds of sweet, what I’d say is a gentleman or so I thought. I was only seeing him for a short period of time but within that time he managed to cheat on me (idek with how many girls there was a lot) and “borrow” money for rent witch I never got back. When I found out he was cheating I messaged one of the girls and she kindly informed me that she was seeing him awhile back and he did the same thing to her but took $700 for rent and only paid her back $600 over 7 months. Josh brown is 26 years old with a daughter that’s 5, the baby mama won’t let him see her because he’s a (pepsied out, cheating junky) that also cheated on his baby mama. Watch out for him as he uses girls to pay his rent money and will cheat any chance he gets!!

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  1. MegOctober 23, 2018 at 9:06 PM

    He isnt even remotely attractive, you girls must be ditch pigs to eff this bum.