Escort Scam C*nt — Stella

Escort Scam C*nt — Stella

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, I’ve been dry on the sex front for quite a while. I know hiring escorts is pretty low but some of them are pretty hot. Hotter than some guys will fuck in their lives. I go to the gym. I am a nice guy. A gentleman. I call up Stella from [redacted]. I txt her and tell her I want to make out with her and she eggs me on. She gets to my place and demands the money. I go to kiss her and she says no kissing. She sits there disinterested for about 10 minutes then asks me to take off my pants. I do and I’m limp as f*ck as this chick just isn’t even trying. She’s hot but f*ck, her demeanor is one of a rape victim in Africa. I mean she made me feel bad about taking her shirt off. She literally shook her head every time I got within 2 inches of her. So I take the gentle approach and ask if she’s okay etc and give her a little massage. Then I think f*ck it i only have 20 minutes left so I bring her to my bed. She complains I’m not hard and then says we don’t have enough time to f*ck. I’m like, huh? She leaves. I told her to keep the money and enjoy being a thief and a c*nt. I mean, 10 minutes turns into 30 pretty quick I guess. Guys, if ur desperate enough or just don’t want any strings attached and want an escort, steer clear of Stella. Total trick b*tch. I mean, if you do f*ck her, she’s hot so congrats, but f*ck I guess I got played. lol. And to those who talk sh*t about paying for sex…It’s better than buying into some stupid b*tches game of making u their pet. Just avoid this b*tch she’s hot but she’s a f*cking thief

— OP no one needs to hear about your ED problems. Also you don’t pay to kiss an escort. Stella this is a very bad Delp review

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  1. SkyeNovember 6, 2018 at 2:31 PM

    same here. I had exactly same situation. Same time they font want to take off their cloth… That was a plan to take money without sex

  2. LindaSeptember 11, 2018 at 5:51 PM

    There are special websites for these kind of reviews. This does not belong here.

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