Alexandria Last — AlleyCat Last

Alexandria Last — AlleyCat Last

THE DIRTY ARMY: Manly looking thing ain’t she? Nic baby, this girl tried fake being pregnant with a dude to actually be pregnant but have 3 different guys wondering if they’re the daddy. She straight up stalked the guys girl he left her for for over a YEAR! she’s always beefing her on twitter and her socials!! When she had the baby she basically never posts him like she’s embarrassed she doesn’t know who the daddy is or maybe it’s because she tried to fake being pregnant at first to get her ex back?? But he said he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby because she’s fat and ugly and he just used her for her car?? I mean, posting your baby when you’re already unattractive and overweight doesn’t increase your odds so maybe she’s just straight neglectful because her spite baby didn’t work out?? I just feel for the kid Nic, no child deserves to grow up without a daddy because mommy is a sloot… Safe to say this Alley-cat should have stayed in the dumbster she crawled out of. 😂🤢

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  1. DDDecember 1, 2018 at 10:32 AM

    Taylor shelton can go die anyday for cyber bullying