Be Careful of Jordon White of Windsor

Be Careful of Jordon White of Windsor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kid Jordon White will use you for everything you have. My girl allowed him to stay with us because he told us he was being abused at his place where he was renting a room. He would tell us very good stories to make you feel bad for him. The day my girl allowed him to stay with us, he started to try to sleep with our roommate. Not even more than three hours after moving in,when she turned him down, he went after my girl trying to hold her hand while she was SLEEPING. I woke up to him staring at her. I freaked out at him and he pretended to be sleep walking. Then, when I would leave for work at 5 am, he would be walking around the house with the two female roommates in nothing but his open boxers.

The women told both of us men when we got home. Jordan has an obsession with my girl. He had it in is head that they were in a relationship all because she was nice to him. He would pull carp like pretending to fall asleep in your bed line an hour before he knows my wife goes to bed, so when we tried to wake him up, he would pretend that he was unwakeable,so we took our blankets and pillows went on the living room floor. 4 hours later, he comes out of my bedroom in open boxers, crawls on the couch right beside my wife, and pretends to fall asleep in a 2 min period. This kid also loves to get people fighting. He will tell his ex Serra Harris that he is with someone, and it so happened to be my girl, and she threatened the life of our family and house all because Jordan wanted to make her jealous.

Jordan will also steal anything that is not bolted down to the floor.Be very careful. This kid has known mental problems. He likes to tell stories and when he talks you can just tell he is telling you tale tales.Just be careful with him and his ex Serra, because she will stalk your house, threaten your kids, and family.

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  1. PrivateOctober 21, 2017 at 11:14 PM

    This kid is a wanna be gangsta he thinks he is all that when really all he is is a lil thief who loves to steal all he can

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