Beware of Steven Edestrand of Windsor

Beware of Steven Edestrand of Windsor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy needs to be put up all over Windsor. He has kids that he does not see he has another one on the way. He was with a girl. Played with her head, told her he loved her, asked her to marry him, stay beside him, and he came in from work one day and took all the food all the money, the tv, the dvd player, everything away from the family and left them with over 700 in debt. Steven Edestrand does not care about anyone but himself. He will lie to you tell you he loves you, but he does not mean it. He will move in with you and there will be holes in the walls door of their hinges, glass broken. He also thinks he is a pimp because he works at Leopeards bar as a dj and he has no problems admiting he is a pimp. Picture to follow. Ladies, beware of this mulipultator.

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  1. MommabearAugust 15, 2018 at 11:47 AM

    He is the father of both of my children.. he has told people I have our son and I am a crack head.first off I don’t smoke crack secondly our children are with my mother.he has also put his hand to my throat and has threatened me with a dumb bell. Don’t 3ver trust him he will give you the world then throw it in your face when he dosnt get his way…he will make you feel like your nothing and hrs everything …he says he’s all about honor no lying or cheating or stealing all three is a lie…I have witness him steal things from ppl and the dollar store he has also tried to get with his ex fiance and go on a dating website while he was with me after both of our children were born…he is the lowest of lows ladies don’t fall for his tricks he will pull the poor me act and that u don’t care ….DON’T FALL FOR IT ITS JUSt AN ACT