Courtney Ritchie Apparently this isn’t new for her ex boyfriends say

Courtney Ritchie Apparently this isn’t new for her ex boyfriends say

THE DIRTY ARMY: This my ex Courtney Ritchie was dating over a month seemed everything is fine then you wake up she dating someone else cause you didn’t send her money pretty girl but man her pu55y smells can smell her through her clothes she wears size 13 men’s girl enjoys breaking good guys hearts just avoid her in general save your self money is just looking for a guy to pay for her moms meth addiction tbh is very two faced and will talking sh1t behind your back wants the star but don’t put out will tell you she loves you get money few times of not sending she fuking the next dude told me has had been with over 40 guys in 4 years that groody she will make you want to kill your says she hates drama but is always in it lied when she visited me took off said she was baby sitting when she’s at a guy house onsite end of town him next time don’t call the cab company I work for when they hear my address of course they are gonna call me ask what’s going on and tell me last location then cause your whole family money hungry threthen to sue me just to be told you have no grounds and get mad if someone is talking sh1t about you she becomes their best friend just evil and crusty all the way around #jugglehoe

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  1. IsnoopyNovember 12, 2018 at 9:59 PM

    Whoa, whoa, whoa you just described women in general not just this one whom duped you but yup that be today’s way of a lady it seems….sad place we all live in sad fukn place

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