Kevin White — Deadbeat drug seeker

Kevin White — Deadbeat drug seeker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Seen this guy tryin to pick up what I’m assuming was his kid more than a few months ago round Wyandotte. Dude was high or hammered or some sh1t. Thought it was fucked but didn’t remember till I seen his face at a party bout a month ago. His ‘bro’ was braggin that this guy has it made. Don’t see his one boy kid just pays every week and the other baby girl parently don’t pay a dime. Just works and spends his own money on whatever. Party’s contantlynnGuy was gamblin high as fuk doin lines. But can’t pay for ur kids or even see them. Just thought u ladies liked to know what’s out there. Bad news. Don’t know the ho he was with but fuk good luck or get more on this one.

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  1. kevinApril 18, 2019 at 7:36 AM

    Lol seen me picking up what you assumed was my kid but you know what I pay for my kids and that i have a son and a daughter? Lmao.

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