Krystal Chaborek can never get enough…

Krystal Chaborek can never get enough…

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, looks like Krystal Chaborek doesn’t care about her friends. She only wants their boyfriends, fiancés and husband’s. She has a wedding coming up next year and one of her victims Chelsey, that’s going to be a bridesmaid, has NO CLUE that the soon to be bride “Krystal” was messing with her man behind her back.

But who doesn’t know either? The groom!! Robbie hasn’t a clue that his friend “Ryan”, whom is a groomsmen, has had sex with his soon to be bride. Just be honest with each other and cut the bull crap. No one deserves to marry into an infidelity.

Ugh… I really want to go to this wedding now.- nik

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