Krystal Chaborek — Big Pappa Bangs Dauhter!!

Krystal Chaborek — Big Pappa Bangs Dauhter!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Krystal’s father has been covering up molestation and abuse with money. Throw money at a problem it don’t go away it transfers it to the next person who cares about that person. Becuase she has been so abused and threw the ringer she needs to defend herself behind false alligations. Any body who this child trys to hook up with or give you pleasure for the moment. Beware it’s not all it seems. :l Matt.

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  1. Senor’SirSeptember 7, 2018 at 6:25 PM

    Rightfully so…but airing dirt on here will not help you …don’t throw people to the fire just to serve yourself …maybe what you say isn’t true either wow you gotta think before you ink it…

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