Phil Sidsworth of Windsor

Phil Sidsworth of Windsor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Phil Sidsworth aka Phil Kinch. He’s a wannabe player who trolls POF and fb. He pretends his girlfirend is “just” a roommate despite calling her his wife when he begs online for assistance/ donations on fb free sites.He doesn’t really have game so when he gets shot down, white doughboy turns to his alter egos with elaborate ruses. He usually pretends to be his “best friend” -a muscular black Detroit firefighter Chadwick Dotel raising 5 neices and nephews of his dead lesbian sister (Chantelle Dotel, another alias he killed off to garner sympathy).

He starts online relationships sends flowers and constantly stands women up until they catch on they are being scammed.(because, duh, they’d immediately notice Phil is not a 6ft athletic black man). Once they catch on that there is no Chad, he threatens them with beatings, house fires, and accusations of child abuse and molestations against the single moms he targets. He is known to the police and has a record of stalking. He uses his multiple aliases to further harass the women ramping up fb rage against his victims.

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  1. HighHeeledCrusaderOctober 11, 2017 at 3:23 PM

    That is not a picture of Phil. That’s the imaginery dude he pretends to be. Phil Kinch/Sidsworth was supposedly a friend of mine of many years. I foolishly trusted him as a platonic friend.
    He actually tried to get me to date him (despite the fact he lives with his fiance Desi) and when I said no he started pressuring me to date his best friend Chad. I said no to that too. He even tried to convince me to dump my boyfriend for him. That got a big no too. While trying to pressure me he kept changing his stories and lies. He even contacted me with his other fake profiles to support his little fantasy. I was contacted by chantelle dotel. Timothy johns and marcus anderson.oh…and phil pretended to be his own son too.
    He even faked a kids death to try to make me feel sorry for him. Seriously tried telling me his (the chad character)nephew Jamal had a heart transplant and was sent home after 2 weeks and then suddenly died.When I asked about the funeral the day after the kid supposedly died… He asked me on a date! What kind of monster would do that? To A. Fake a kids death for sympathy and B. Use that sympathy to try to exploit another person!
    Even after I confronted Phil with everything I discovered through research he still takes no responsibility for his attempt to use and emotionally manipulate women with his games. He actually claims he’s the one who was hurt… I guess myself (and all other women with standards) not being interested in him hurt his widdle bitty feelings so much that he had to try to hurt us back by trolling us?
    I’ve completely ended my friendship with this loser.I wish I could help nail his fatass to the wall but he never threatened me (I did see him threaten others on fb though) I hope every woman he tried scamming and threatened speaks up and comes forward.

  2. CupcakequeenOctober 11, 2017 at 1:18 PM

    I am mr. Chadwick or Phil one,two or three cuz he has three profiles. I am the newest victim to press charges. Any women who need help to get him to leave you alone please feel free to comment..