Tony Seage of Windsor

Tony Seage of Windsor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man Tony Seage has about 8 kids and claims the 4 of them with the women he is currently living with. He continues to sleep around with any woman who shows him attention and is not a family of 4 with a wife and dealing with his real family as a man in his 40s. He has done wrong to his other children, destroying there confidence and trust and emotionally and mentally scared them and blames them for not helping him be in their lives. If he was a man, he would realize since he did the damage he needs to be the one to fix it, and carry that on his shoulders. He used to have a job, but quit when the child support payments came off and to avoid paying child support, he got himself on disability and he knows they don’t take support payments from government checks. If you see this guy, stay clear of him. He is a pathetic excuse of a father and a man. You don’t want to be having one of his kids cause he won’t take care of them, just give you more hassle. Ask his other kids. This is a married man with 4 kids who apparently takes care of them but not his other 4 he denies and lies about those ones. He just keeps bouncing from all his baby mama’s houses, never had a place of his own until he slept with the teenage babysitter when he was in his late 30s. He is now married again to that wife. He has been married before. He hasnt been faithful in the 24 years I’ve known him. He is very selfish person who puts woman before his kids and tells people that his daughter is not his cuz he slept with the wife’s family member. Run, don’t walk. There is nothing there but diseases and a possible baby. He doesn’t ever wear rubbers.

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  1. Bi chickJanuary 11, 2018 at 9:58 AM

    I love how he has a rat tattoo on his arm, very ironic and fitting for this man!!!

    • Big mommaJanuary 5, 2019 at 7:38 PM

      The tattoo covers up an old one he had done a long time ago when he dated this chic in high school. It’s nice ink work it covers up how he misspelled her name. Said he spend $100 on it for her coulda spelt the name right of u ask me. Not a good idea after about 3 mths with the girl buddy

    • Senor’SirFebruary 17, 2018 at 3:25 AM

      Lol I was just about to post about his tattoo then the first comment here I see is exactly that…stupid tat you got is that family background or a personal thing with RATS?

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