Zoë Kimmerly – The City Bus

Zoë Kimmerly – The City Bus

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This right here is Zoë Kimmerly, one of the nastiest home wrecking skanks I’ve ever come across, she thinks that she’s above everyone else because she’s gold digging a 50 yr old cause she doesnt want to actually work for her money. She is honestly straight from the depths of hell, she will act all nice to your face until you call her out for her skanky ways and then she acts like its everyone elses fault. She will fuk anything for drugs, She will then go from bar to bar looking for something or someone to take advantage of cause her parents would fund her, and then when her “lover” runs out of money, she will try to call sexual assault and get them arrested cause she cant get what she wants. When she’s not in the bar you’ll find her out with dudes in cars in the back lot slobbin for a high. She ain’t nothing but drama


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  1. CaptinJanuary 5, 2019 at 5:04 AM

    She sure is a dirty bitch! when she was 14 yrs old she was out sucking co*k!! That whole family is incest also an dirty. Very very dirty. The mom was a stripper when she was a teenager an now Zoë is following her steps.