Abraham Anhang: The Man Who Ruined His Son’s Marriage

Abraham Anhang: The Man Who Ruined His Son’s Marriage

THE DIRTY ARMY: Abraham (Abe) Anhang, a Winnipeg disbarred lawyer, managed to ruin his son’s marriage. Abraham, a traditional Jew and now a retired real estate developer, raised his son in Winnipeg. The son grew up to become the founder of a questionable, yet very successful, internet gambling company. The son loved the good life, and fell for a beauty queen from Puerto Rico. They got married after she has willingly signed a prenuptial agreement, as per Abraham’s demand, and they seemed happy together. But Abraham was never approved of their relationship. In fact, he hated his son’s wife for not being of their faith, and was obsessed with the idea that this woman is with his son only for the money. Abraham has then applied pressure on his son, and the son eventually petitioned for divorce without really wanting to do so. Shortly after, a tragedy struck. Abraham kept on blaming it -for many years now- on the son’s wife. Since then the hateful and vindictive Abraham is on a holy mission to destroy her life. To do so, Abraham hired an army of private detectives and high price lawyers, and has used them all to harass this simple woman (and her family), take away any (little) money she ever had, and blame the tragedy on her. Very sad to see how this controlling and paranoid father managed to ruin his son’s marriage, and even more so how he afterwards turned against all those that loved his son. Faith should not matter when two are in love, and money is truly no more than dirty paper.


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  1. KaytieSeptember 15, 2018 at 10:01 AM

    Is this necessary? Loool. Sound lile the ex wife told this story

  2. AaronSeptember 7, 2018 at 10:23 PM

    Nik really ?