Adam Asaleya of Winnipeg Lies About Everything

Adam Asaleya of Winnipeg Lies About Everything

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can this guy Adam Asaleya be any dirtier? He can’t stop the lies. He lies to people saying he’s a doctor! Don’t let him touch you! All he does is sleep around with every guy who is desperate enough to touch him. He was screwing other guys even though he was moving his boyfriend to Canada. Who does this? And he says he’s a doctor ,but how many doctors go from crappy retail jobs in the mall to being a doctor right away? Just stay away from him, Winnipeg.

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  1. MJJune 5, 2019 at 2:13 AM

    This guy called Adam Asaleya is a big liar ! got double faces,and a thief, he worked recently in a media company pretending to be a puplic relations manager, the real business owners says he had no experience at all and used some relations to get the position, they also stated that he is involved in an online data theft crimes plus identity theft ceimes.
    Moreover they knew recently that he is working at an elctronic shop in winnipeg at st. James, please stay away from him, never trust him in anything, I was shocked to dicover his dirty history on this page, and to discover also that his real name is Mohammad Adham Asaleya.
    This guy stole my money recently and I’m reporting him on this page to warn everyone in Canada.