Alexandra Peterson — Horse face Sloot bag

Alexandra Peterson — Horse face Sloot bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nick, This ugly cow is Alexandra Peterson. Aka Ally. Aka horse face. She is soooo nasty. And has soooo many drds. Claims some girls baby daddy tried to get with her while living in her apartment and that’s a joke as no one wants a cooch as loose as yours. She gave birth 4 years ago. Didn’t know who the kids dad is. Gave birth this year. Doesn’t know who the dad is. She’s all talk with her flabby jabber gums. And doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. At one point she was even ran from Winnipeg because of how stupidly she runs her mouth and how big a slot she is.

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  1. Brittany ChemerikaNovember 12, 2018 at 11:47 AM

    Holy who still uses the dirty? Lmfao just bunk. BTW we called her horse fish, not horse face – fail. BUT – she does know her daughters dads I’m sure , & I wouldn’t doubt half the slores in y’all lives wanna hit that. & the term ‘baby daddy’ is so ghetto, yuck. Speak like an adult smh.

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