Andrea Vinck is gay for pay

Andrea Vinck is gay for pay

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Andrea can be found all over the city spreading her legs for anything that walks or looks in her Direction. This troll is known for sleeping around with anyone that has Pepsi or drugs or resently got paid. She says she’s gay but this wanabe lesbian can be found sleeping in your man’s bed, possibly with your man and his friends she likes orgies. Lesbains isn’t that when you only sleep with girls not the girl her man her brother and then tries to hit on your bestie like whoa . She Thinks she’s a hot shot, this Pepsi loving unemployed mess is full of bad dance moves, an ugly face and sweetheart addicts aren’t attractive dark eyes and track marks like really girl karma is a b1tch. Her exs I feel sorry for she plays everyone she has ever been with always in a new bed with a new face. Andreas parents are def she uses their house to throw parties in. She says it’s okay they cant hear… So sad scum of the planet looses every job and can be found where the Pepsi is pouring Stay clear of this disease infested human. She will be gay for pay or a shot.

— OP the folks can still see what is going on though, right?

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  1. MishJuly 22, 2018 at 7:39 AM

    I have seen this ugly troll around, she lives in ek hangs out at the Villa or Curtis frequently classy right? I want to add a photo to this comment of the conversations she has with my just 18 year old cousin, the messages she sends are out of this world asking if she does drugs, if she wants to go get high she has asked her for sex and please leave our youth alone. Your can take your clam out of this city before something bad happens to yourself. We have eyes all over watch yourself Andrea. Please leave the city we have enough scum the world won’t take your gross games before you get seriously hurt we are always watching….

  2. CjJune 28, 2018 at 2:27 PM

    A friend of mine would always get creepy messages from Andrea, asking to cuddle she would beg to hang out and drink, she would ask for drugs also would ask for sex.

    Andrea is usually seen with 16 year old girls grow up slut find someone of age, stop taking advantage of people for drugs and sex. Your not 18 stop hanging out with young girls.

  3. Danny JohnsonJune 26, 2018 at 9:38 PM

    Nasty lookin thing

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