Beware of PARK’NFLY Winnipeg

Beware of PARK’NFLY Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this airport valet parking service company and its managers are scamming and abusing both their customers and employees. To begin with, the company is advertising itself as “indoor parking service,” and customers are promised that their vehicles, left on company’s indoor site prior to flight, are going to be parked indoor all along. However, after the customers left to the airport, many of the vehicles are driven to an outdoor lot and are only brought back to the indoor lot one day prior to the known return date of the costumers from their trips. This involves, at winter time, and as the outdoor lot has only very few block heaters, charging the drained battery of the vehicle, and all without informing the costumers about it.

Second, the cashiers of this company have been shamelessly instructed by management not to make mention of any coupons or discounts available, but if the customer brings it up and insists. When vehicles are damaged while parked in any of the well crowded and narrow lots, the company has an unwritten policy of denying responsibility and argue that it was a pre-existing condition that was not noticed as the vehicle was dirty. The employees who park the vehicles are very unionized and very low paid. Accordingly, most of them are inexperienced drivers. Therefore, damage is almost certain to any vehicle of large size and especially vehicles equipped with a manual transmission. Company is always short in staff, and as result its shuttle buses are many times late when driving customers to the airport and back.

Moreover, the General Manager of the Winnipeg branch, LUC NOEL, who until not long ago drove a shuttle bus for this same company around the Toronto airport, is a rude and ignorant young man, with a loud voice and heavy French accent. This Luc is terrorizing employees and even sexually harassing some. The heavy built Luc was witnessed to be yelling at employees, firing them over the phone, and mocking the employees who are immigrants over their accent. His secretary has been complaining that he referred to himself, in front of others, as ‘pimp’ who recruited her after ‘meeting her in the streets where she worked.’ She has further complained that he has been routinely staring at her, and has shown her, many times, pictures of naked men.

When confronted, Luc has been using his deputy, Steven, to defend against the allegations and hush the complaints. This Steven, being pressured to defend Luc, suggested that Luc oppose no risk to the secretary, as he is in fact gay, that he was just joking, and that deserves leeway as he is new to Winnipeg and its people. When facing the possibility of a formal complaint Luc responded by saying that the company is now owned by Chinese owners who are far away and do not care, and that when becomes necessary the company is using a team of highly priced aggressive Jewish lawyers… What a shameful and unprofessional operation… Customers and employees, beware!

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  1. David FormanFebruary 18, 2018 at 10:04 AM

    I strongly agree with this, Luc Noel being a general manager should not be doing what he does. This post is accurate I parked my car here and have dash cam footage of my car being abused and being left out in -45 weather when I’m paying for valet indoor service. Luc Noel shouldn’t be a general manger and should save the company some money and be demoted back a shuttle driver.

  2. NicolasFebruary 3, 2018 at 10:20 AM

    This is so true what is is written. Would not recommend to park your vehicle there Luc can be found at gays bars around town looking for under age

  3. JohnJanuary 31, 2018 at 7:56 PM

    I used to work at Park N Fly – I know exactly who wrote this garbage. A dis-barred Winnipeg lawyer who was parking cars there and couldn’t use a manual transmission or even park cars in a timely manner! (and got fired over the phone)
    if I were this company I would sue him! Truly pathetic!!

  4. Gail AsperJanuary 22, 2018 at 10:02 PM

    Ironic as Sam Katz is apparently a secret co-owner of this company.
    Check out this link to learn more, and you will find the story less surprising:

  5. Sam KatzJanuary 22, 2018 at 9:52 PM

    Very true based on my personal experience.
    It is unfortunate that the employees are not unionized and are unaware of their rights.
    The customers too are not to be blamed, as they are after all not aware of what happens to their vehicles when they are away on their trips.
    If the company truly has ‘a team of highly priced and aggressive Jewish lawyers’, their advise will probably be to pay the ‘Dirty’, or threatened Nik, so that the posting is removed.
    I do hope and believe that the ‘Dirty’ will not back up, as the truth must be told and the story does serve a good cause in a cynical corporate world.
    Head office of this company should be sending someone to Winnipeg to seriously look into all of these serious and genuine concerns.