Brianna saggy tits gross mom

Brianna saggy tits gross mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: WELFARE COW needs to figure out who her baby daddy is LMAO first one got that one wrong and the last one ain’t right either. Fess up you fat slore everyone knows your a lying cheating pig. Just gives all her kids ghetto black names LMAO you are winninggggg with your tits down to your knees. How’s housing by the way you bed bug queen?

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  1. gloJanuary 26, 2019 at 7:56 PM

    she cant even afford curtains, just uses hospital bed blankets/sheets on her windows. lmao

  2. an old friend ;)December 24, 2018 at 6:09 AM

    LMFAOOO YESSS! ” Bed Bug Queen” AHAHA

  3. Big loadsDecember 24, 2018 at 5:15 AM

    I would eat the bed bugs outta her a55

  4. fed up momDecember 19, 2018 at 5:27 AM

    people post such pathetic posts, really?? always about weight or gossip these days, sickening

  5. Dr. Ed AlphaDecember 17, 2018 at 2:58 AM

    This right here is some top quality wife material in my opinion!

  6. NastDecember 14, 2018 at 6:56 PM

    She’s a wanna be neech lmfao she’s ghetto white trash with an ugly bf and ugly kids -just sayin

  7. Gamora ZenDecember 10, 2018 at 8:19 PM

    Why call her a cow??????

  8. C’est MoiDecember 8, 2018 at 11:46 PM

    Brianna’s a sweet person regardless..she may have done some things in the past but guess what, we all do at one time or another so don’t act like such a self righteous little bitch . Whoever wrote this is just jealous that her tits look like mosquito bites….(before you scratch that itchy spot n make em all puffy)

  9. AnonDecember 8, 2018 at 10:01 PM

    Boooo you slore! What kind of animal doesn’t know the father of their kid?!

  10. Oh noDecember 7, 2018 at 7:54 AM

    She’s a straight up hooooo always has been always will be. The more broke and degenerate you are the more she wants to pop out your baby smh

  11. PhillibongDecember 6, 2018 at 4:51 PM

    Beautiful face , come [email protected] me eyes. Pull my hair spank my ass attitude, blow hot loads on my titties . I would eat that mmmmm