Darcy Brost and Amanda Fargouth of Ontario

Darcy Brost and Amanda Fargouth of Ontario

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hi Nik. I’d like to tell you about this couple name Darcy Brost as per picture and Amanda Fargouth. Darcy called me asking if I had an open rental unit and I did. He told me a long f**king lie story about how his Dad had a heart attack and he needed an urgent spot for he his wife Amanda and 3 kids. I asked when do you need it? Tomorrow. Yes I know I was stupid and felt sorry for the poor lying idiot and fell for it. He told me he needed a rental urgent and had real good references which later I found out was a lying friend.

He told me clearly he moved his family from BC and his poor dad who just had a heart attack needed him back there. So I asked him who to put all on the rental contract I need every child and persons name who would live there with him. All of the sudden he texted me 4 kids names and I was like ” Darcy hold on you said you had 3 kids.” “Oh no it must be a typo,” he said. So I was already wondering as I checked on all my text messages and he clearly said NO PETS, ONLY 3 KIDS and 1 wife.

I asked where he worked he submitted a letter from a construction company in Kenora and I confirmed with the company he worked just to find out later on it was another friend and that employment letter and employer was none existing, What the f**k? Right Nik? Well it was another friend I found out.

So I received the damage deposit and cheq for first month and the next day they moved in. Sure enough Amanda the wife was pregnant and baby to arrive July 1.2017. So I asked Darcy ” What are you thinking your wife is pregnant and you have 4 kids already.” A 6 year old little girl running around naked the winter day on move on day. Another boy age 10 I clearly saw was delayed and Amanda confirmed.

They rolled up with a huge expensive sports boat, her white Chevy SUV and his black pick up Chevy Truck and he told me he needed to fly the next day out to BC because of his Dad who could die any moment after his critical heart attack. The check he gave me bounced and when I confronted her about it, she cried and said oh it’s been so rough we just moved here (her license plate still showed BC). I gave them 1 week to clear the check and e transfer the rent.

They had to be reminded every month about the rent. Before moving in I asked Darcy Brost “Darcy, do you guys have any pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, bunny, etc?” His response- “I f**king hate pets.” I told him if at any moment they get one, the pet fee be do immediately and he agreed. They moved in and it was just a week later I had complaint form the neighborhood your renter is starting a loud expensive green motorcycle , their 3 boys run around the neighbors yard and throwing their cat in the pawn. I was like what the f**k?

Sure enough, as I show up at their door to go check, a barking female dog small in size in heat had a big neighborhood dog hauling all week there as per complaint and a cat sat at the window. I gave them a warning and to pay the pet fee within 2 weeks. Amanda the pregnant wife cries as a little floozy baby knows how to play it up and “Omg I am pregnant my husband Darcy in BC dealing with his Dad who will die any moment can you and I can’t get the school bus to drive just yet I must drive my kids to King George school. Please have mercy and give us till end of June 2017 to pay the pet fee.”

I felt sorry not knowing this was just another lying story they played with me. The family sure was acting like a dirty redneck family garbage all over the place. Kids ran around outside half dressed in winter. The little 6 year old girl ran around naked most of the time and it leaves me to wonder if the boys touched her the way she acted. Nik, these kids had no manners and no one knew where Amanda the mother was probably sleeping. The kids where up till midnight and ran around outside in the neighbors yard stealing their food off the BBQ. These kids only knew eating pizza pops and macaroni and cheese. Nik, this lying bastard Darcy lied saying he worked for a construction company in Winnipeg Manitoba after he wanted a better paying job. Well truth was he got fired his friends told me plus then I find out he had a Filipino girl pregnant in Winnipeg and that’s why he needed to leave his family at home early Sunday afternoon. Lying cheating bastard.

He lied so much and I kept catching him so many times. He broke the nice neighbors lawnmower after I warned him I already cut his grass because Amanda was pregnant constantly in hospital for malnutrition. Nik, that Amanda did everything in her power to get in hospital so Darcy would come home. Attention seeking and the poor family guy friend came to look after their redneck unruly kids. Nik, it’s weird how these two played eachother.

On July 1.2017 they where late rent and I brought them a legal warning to pay the July Rent and the Pet fee. Again they tried all kind of lying stories and I said “The law is the Law” and I told them how I knew about all their lies. Darcy was finishing at least 6 cans of beer while I told them within 30 minutes. Amanda sat there stupid holding their new born 5 baby. They did not clean the house or yard not once trust me. Their family friend showed me while Amanda was in hospital and he looked after the kids. They slept on moldy, bloody, and smelly mattresses and food in their beds.

Nik, you thought you heard it all. Nope- you’re wrong. Let me tell you after I gave them notice to pay they all of the sudden had all new furniture and within 7 days I could not find them. Now Easy Homes in Kenora is calling to find them and Ontario Hydro disconnected their Hydro. Darcy apparently got fired again and Amanda told the neighbors Darcy now works for a Grain Hauling company in Winnipeg and that they are moving there by July 7th. 2017. I called all grain hauling companies in Manitoba and no was he showed up at 3 jobs as he was supposed to. There you go. I could tell you how disgusting they left the house and yard. So anyone looking to rent them a place- be aware. Lying Rednecks. I will find them, mark my words. Anyone who knows where they lie their faces off now please leave me a comment. Small world.

Thanks for the heads up.- nik


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  1. Just someoneDecember 30, 2018 at 9:59 PM

    He was in trail due to his dad dying. But he’s not there anymore.

  2. VampireNovember 6, 2018 at 5:40 PM

    I know a thing a two about these ppl i have info about them

  3. politeness manJanuary 25, 2018 at 6:39 PM

    Now lives in Trail BC area

  4. Concerned TaxpayerSeptember 1, 2017 at 10:49 PM

    Check out a much bigger risk to all of us taxpayers:

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