Duncan ross terpstra begs for donuts “mooch” “big hobo”

Duncan ross terpstra begs for donuts “mooch” “big hobo”

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Duncan ross terpstra, don’t be fooled ladies, this guy is a straight up bum, psycho, cigarette bum stealing, loser. Spends his time sitting on his a55 messaging random girls looking for his next meal or place to stay. He claims he has a job and puts off this facade like he’s a nice guy but he’s not. He also beat up his baby momma and she’s got a restraining order against him. Got two kids he doesn’t see because of his psycho a55. Beware letting him in your place he’s also got a habit of pocketing whatever you gig laying around, even change he’d steal. Hes a lazy peice of sh1t who mooches off his dad, mom, and his own brother complains about his laziness all over his Facebook. The guy has no shame no respect for women and deserves a place on the dirty. Claims he’s faithful, says he works but it’s all bullsh1t. Don’t be fooled he also enjoys popping pills and smoking meth, stealing and pawNing anything he can get his hands on. He will literally use you for everything you got then when he’s done he’s off to the next persons couch looking for his next “girlfriend” he’s basically homeless. His own brother even posted how he was gonna walk his a55 to work cause he’s sick of him laying around.good luck with that. So there you go ladies and gentlemen watch out for this psycho hide your stuff when he’s around. Word is his dick is really small too he doesn’t even have that to use..waste of time and space. Also has rhymes he likes to spit but he’s just no good period.


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  1. KatMarieAugust 10, 2018 at 6:11 PM

    Who is the baby mama? This is his sister. I’ve never heard of kids.

    • AnonSeptember 9, 2018 at 9:19 AM

      I think her name was tattianna payjack. That guy is an a55hole. He beat up my friend too kicked her in the jaw and bruised up her legs. Trashed her place. Ate all her sons snacks for school. Everything. Stole her little brothers watch etc.

    • Street meatAugust 11, 2018 at 4:28 PM

      Your his sister ? Maybe you should be next on the blast .

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