Elisa Griffin-Boily: Lies about death

Elisa Griffin-Boily: Lies about death

DROM THE DIRTY STAFF: We were contacted by Elisa Griffin-Boily about one of her friends who she claimed passed away. After almost a dozen emails filled with outrageous accusations and lies, Elisa got caught.  Let’s see how this story goes.

Elisa Griffin-Boily emails:

We responded asking for a link tothe obituary to verify their story as is done in all cases. She responded with the obituary of a women who passed away in 2016 in very tragic circumstances:



We then proceeded to point out some very basic inconsistencies in her story and with the information she was providing us. Her response….:



We calmly responded to her explaining the reasons why we verify these requests. This is where things really go off the rails for Elisa Griffin-Boily. Her next email….:


It was after this unhinged crazy pants email we decided to err on the side of caution and remove the post in question. After a couple of weeks THE DIRTY ARMY and our legal team found out that beyond ALL reasonable doubt, Sarah Barbeau is absolutely alive.




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