F**king His Dead Girlfriend’s Family — Jeff Reuben & Cindy will

F**king His Dead Girlfriend’s Family — Jeff Reuben & Cindy will

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s tell a story of those two dirty people who lost his girlfriend and she lost her daughter almost a week after giving birth to their son. Now he’s f*cking her whole family but is mostly just f*cking the mom. Cindy now thinks there dating but he’s out there f*cking all of Winnipeg. But Cindy open your eyes hun. He’s just using you to have a place to live cuz his other baby mama is f*cking his friend. His mom can’t have them stay there cuz the mom’s on welfare and you watch the kids for nothing. I guess it’s nothing now cuz I guess you’re f*cking him. How can you f*ck your daughter’s boyfriend? Hasn’t even been 6 months since she died. Can you at least have some respect? Both of you need to grow up. And Cindy don’t get mad that he’s f*cking other people you know what he was like with your dead daughter. He was always running back to Ally and ever one else. And Jeff your not better going around asking everybody is it okay that you’re f*cking your dead girlfriend’s mom saying that you started f*cking her two days after you lost her. Jeff get clean. Stop doing the drugs. Stop drinking cuz then you will see how f*cked up you have come.

–Well that’s a messed up story 


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  1. NoonieSeptember 13, 2018 at 7:04 PM

    This gets my gitch in a grind. I miss the old cindy xoxo. I wish we could turn back time.when it was me her and chey.

  2. CoworkerMay 30, 2018 at 8:35 PM

    Cindy Will …..haha…..what a slut! We worked together in Bissett and she was offering blow jobs to guys as she was cooking breakfast!! She has no respect for herself at all and I am sorry she lost her daughter but this was going in before ….and maybe she should put the bubble pipe down once in a while

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