Typical “religious” losers — Jeremy Bereza and Kathryn Rose Madden

Typical “religious” losers — Jeremy Bereza and Kathryn Rose Madden

The Dirty Army: Oh what to say, we have so much but we will just say this. These things got into a relationship not even a year ago while he was still involved with his girlfriend of 4 years who had just kicked him out of her home for cheating and lying AGAIN!! but they still saw each other. This thing probably doesn’t have many chances so she stayed with him anyways knowing this. Then he abandons the child he has taken responsibility for the last few years, and been the only father he has ever known, and lies to him. He continues telling his ex how he thinks about her all the time though. Then this past Valentines Day he messages her how life was so much simpler when they were first together and how much he misses her. The kicker, he gets engaged to this thing like 3 days later and she’s posting all over Facebook how happy they are and people are saying how great they are..HA!! Great people do NOT treat others like this, great people do NOT abandon their families and get involved with other people while still telling someone how in love with them they are, great people do NOT tell someone they’ve only known 4 months they can’t have a child stay in their home because she doesn’t like it. Oh, but they go to church every Sunday so that makes it ok they are such horrible people. And if they see this, ANY retaliation towards our friend and her son and we have SOOOOO much more we can expose on you little boy, and you know the texts are there to prove it.

-OP – Doubt you are not invited to the wedding


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  1. Big dealApril 28, 2018 at 10:02 PM

    Hey OP ! I’m thinking nobody really gives to shits about this story . Come back with something more exciting .