Kasandra Sinclair

Kasandra Sinclair

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kanandra Sinclair is one of the most full of along people out there. I was her friend her for years, all this chick does is judge other methheads while she is shooting up and pretending she is over 10 years clean. She abused her child along with her friend Jessica who have both gotten there kids taken away with CFS. She thinks she is top sh1t that every guy wants a piece of her. I would like to expose her Nic and give her a taste of what she does to everyone else.


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  1. HahaOctober 25, 2018 at 1:25 PM

    Sounds like op has some hurt feelings about “kanandra” lol
    Clearly, her and her friend don’t do drugs or else they wouldnt still have jobs, places to live or their kids. This is awkward for whoever posted.

  2. KeeksOctober 25, 2018 at 1:23 PM

    Lmfao, got me fukt up. Not even the right spelling of my first name, not even the right last name. I’ve never touched meth, I hate meth addicts. I have my kid full time & so does my friend. My kids never been abused or neglected & never will be. If we were friends for years, you’d think you’d know how to actually spell my name. Put the pipe down and pipe up in person.

  3. Yo daddyOctober 25, 2018 at 5:49 AM

    Someone mus be butthurt baha doest even have the right facts.. first off wrong misspellings of first name. Totally different last name. She does have her kid and so does jess. Ppl really gotta get there facts straight and lay off the bubble

  4. Louise AlarieOctober 24, 2018 at 10:12 PM

    Sounds like the typical reserves that my medics have to go to constantly day in day out , night in night out. Never a dull moment in an IERHA low life reserves,or any normally or humanity on a reserve. For example Like little black river , south shore, sagkeeng etc. We are always dealing with dumb and the most stupid people you never thought that existed since the Stone Age etc. Being the paramedics boss in the IERHA you can see how frustrated it can get when these Indians. They don’t know how to grow up and go to school and live a normal life. But instead they call an ambulance to come babysit them for when they screw things up. They say oh we want to be treated better and with respect , sweetie if you want all that then change your self and and people around you. That how you will change what people think. Make an effort go to school have a shower for Christ sakes stay off the booze and drugs and take care of your kids and your property, and spend money on your kids with new clothes actually healthy food no pop or beer. Pay your bills every month, I am tired of paying my taxes in which it goes to you for either sitting on your bannock ass or popping out more kids so you get more money from welfare. Also To try to get these reserves or I should say “band members “ to pay there ambulance bills is like winning a lottery. Those bands don’t pay nothing ? And there are over $10,000 in outstanding Ambulances bills. You think with all the money they get from the government for free that maybe they could pay some of there bills down. But when that happens hell will freeze over. I say that’s where most of the problems come from. Useless calls from reserves that don’t need an ambulance, just a bandaid and not a glorified taxi service just to see your grandparents or cousins or who ever. Find your own ride if you want to see your family.

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