Keith Levit — The Silly And Spoiled Breath “Photographer” Of Winnipeg

Keith Levit — The Silly And Spoiled Breath “Photographer” Of Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Keith Levit of Winnipeg was lucky enough to be born to a father who was a known Jewish wealthy developer and hotels owner. This fellow, while introducing himself as a business man, never had to work for one day in his life. Instead, he is busy running around carrying on an expensive big camera, taking pictures everywhere, even when not asked to, claiming to be a successful photographer. In fact, the only places of where his “art” is being displayed are the many properties owned by his family, and the only work he gets (and overcharge for) is in Jewish community functions, here too only due to his family power and connections. If you ask him, he started from scratch, with a second hand cheap camera. However, all around him know that he started with an expensive camera that his father spoiled him with at the time, hoping that his (not-too-bright) son will let him work and keep himself busy elsewhere and otherwise. Keith, you are a failed, if at all, business man, and certainly a fake photographer. All know this, and deep inside you do too!

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  1. David AsperAugust 28, 2018 at 1:55 PM

    My wife Ruth was never faithful to me, and was always into young big black guys.
    Might have only married me for my family wealth.
    Once, when first finding out, I left the house and moved for a few days to a local hotel, near the airport.
    The hotel was one that is owned by Keith’s family.
    When I finally returned home I had food poisoning symptoms and bed bugs in my jacket and suitcase…