Lawrence Pinsky: A Hopeless Case of ‘Little Man Syndrome’

Lawrence Pinsky: A Hopeless Case of ‘Little Man Syndrome’

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lawrence Pinsky is Winnipeg’s poster boy for the ‘little man syndrome’. This very small in stature, high price (divorce) lawyer, spends his life attempting to overcome the way he believes other people perceive him due to his tiny size. Sad is that his case extends from being of small size to having a small character too, as he is an angry man of bad temper and always trying to be in control. No one is ever able to please him, and it got so bad that within our city’s Jewish community he is best known as the “Barking Chihuahua”. Those who know him in person told us that in the bedroom he demands his partner to call him “Napoleon”, and that he can only get hard in total darkness. The irony is that while spending a fortune on suits, he is usually dressed in light color and big on him jackets which makes him look even smaller than his original tiny size. A small man who turned a huge nuisance. Time to grow up, my little friend.

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  1. Pat LaneNovember 26, 2018 at 3:49 PM

    I concur.

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