Mackenzie miller — This is warning for anyone who meets kenzie

Mackenzie miller — This is warning for anyone who meets kenzie

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have been told many things about her before I asked her to be my gf and all were terrible things and most I have found out were true so I’m gunna save you a living hell. You might think she is harmless due to her size but let me assure you that’s bill sh1t. I found this out about 4 months after I broke up with her that pretty much all her friends (mostly old men) have pictures of her naked she was doing that with one of my roomates as well and I saw her but naked with a random guy at her b day party (I was her bf then sadly as well) she claims her parents house was hers she says she loves to work and had even worked for places like via rails… all lies she is a veteran welfare bum. And I have not proven it but I’m sure she was floozy when her roomate was doing it as well. She cheated on me and it wasn’t till the guy she cheated on me with was on the phone with me and I gave it to her that she finally admitted to it… she IS 100% a pathological liar and I’m going to court now for false accusation of assult because I kicked her out of my house for after like 3 or 4 chances (i’m a huge fuking dumb a55) and she doesn’t take no for an answer, she would not leave and best part is I called the cops that she made the false statement too,she will lie day to night and for no reason or any.. please if you see this because you have searched her name up I am a real guy and regret the 1.5 years and wish I never met her. Please look for early signs if you belive people are capable of change because I am sure she is not or way far beyond help

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  1. Aryan 88November 13, 2018 at 9:22 AM

    Why would you date a subhuman? Take a good look at her, she’s 4’-2” and she looks like a child. She is not worthy to be part of the white race. I’d rather have a Jew wife right out of a death camp than Midget Mackenzie.

    • FrodoNovember 27, 2018 at 4:52 PM

      She’s not a subhuman, she’s a hobbit.

    • Thot servicesNovember 15, 2018 at 6:13 AM

      Those sub humans usually are sword swallower’s and have a tight fit