Marcelo Mohadeb: A School Counselor, In Urgent Need Of Counselling!

Marcelo Mohadeb: A School Counselor, In Urgent Need Of Counselling!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Marcelo Mohadeb has moved to Winnipeg from Argentina a few years ago, with his wife and kids. He was unemployed and so was his wife. Eventually, based on foreign diplomas which authenticity can be doubted, and thanks to a lot of a55 kissing, both of them were offered highly paid and convenient jobs as educators with the only private Jewish school in town, the one located inside the Asper Community Campus in Tuxedo. Shortly after, Marcelo somehow also became the school’s guidance counselor, and his failure as such was just an accident waiting to happen. Marcelo has broken English, and is a rude and impatient man when dealing with both students and their parents. He is not socially integrated, and have little knowledge of the challenges that our youth are truly facing in North America. Yet, he has a strong sense of entitlement, and every year he aggressively pursue another unjustified significant raise for himself and the wife (who is also useless, but pretty harmless). On the other hand, he is constantly refusing to pay full tuition for his own children who are enrolled with this school. By now, he is making over 100K, for very little job done. And the Jewish community and parents are picking up the bill, year after year. One counselor who is clearly in urgent need of…counselling (lol)!

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  1. Moe LevySeptember 4, 2018 at 5:12 PM

    A school, let alone a private one, jewish or not, hould be more picky in hiring its staff members!

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