Mariah Lynn — Trashy, stupid, low life

Mariah Lynn — Trashy, stupid, low life

THE DIRTY ARMY: This little bitch is the definition of a bum and self entitled. Look at her sausage fingers. Met this piece of trash on POF and what a mistake. If you don’t give her booze or pick her up to drink with her friend, she freaks out and then tries to block you and acts like a maniac. She put on some weight so now she’s even more gross. She does drugs,has no job and will sleep with any dude who offers her drinks. She gave one of my friends a drd…he told her and she freaked out on him. Another washed up piece of sh1t who deserves her garbage life.

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  1. PhillibongNovember 5, 2018 at 6:22 AM

    Can you get drd by titty banging and blow job ? If not then I will take her for a spin !

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