Michael Nathanson, A Shameless Crock And Thief In Winnipeg

Michael Nathanson, A Shameless Crock And Thief In Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michael Nathanson was hired in 2007 as the artistic director and general manager of the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, located inside the Asper Jewish Community Center in Tuxedo. He had a convenient and high paying job with them. In 2014, the theatre fired him when discovering that for no less than 7 years he had embezzled a total of over 120K. He has been covering up these crimes by forging documents, to make the theatre accounts look like they were in order. He first escaped to Texas where his rich sister resides, but eventually was caught and brought back to Winnipeg. He was convicted, but was never jailed and has never returned the full amount stolen. The Jewish community is not a poor one, and so the theatre has survived. Yet, it remains unclear how the theatre board allowed this to happen for so long, and why he was treated with velvet gloves after getting exposed. This crock and thief should not anymore be allowed into our Jewish community Center, of where the theatre is at. How shameless can he now be to even show his face there? That he might have stolen due to his drug and alcohol addiction should not be an excuse. This dirty Michael HURT THE POCKET of my community, and damaged its reputation. So very SAD!


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  1. SmarteeSeptember 2, 2018 at 1:44 PM

    Crook. Sheesh….he’s not a crock-pot lol