Rolando Martin — The Creepy And Grumpy Gold Digger Of Winnipeg

Rolando Martin — The Creepy And Grumpy Gold Digger Of Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: This creepy and grumpy, phony gold-digger, has moved to the city of Winnipeg, from Argentina, over a decade ago, when taking advantage of more flexible immigration policy that the prairie province of Manitoba has just then adopted. Rolando Martin, a short and fat low-life fellow, currently in his mid-fifties, came here penniless, after years of unemployment in his home country, where he lived with his modest means mother and on her expense. In Winnipeg he has always claimed to be an engineer, when he is a (failed) engineering technician -at best- and during his first two years in the city he unsurprisingly only managed to hold to a few short term and low paying insignificant jobs. However, he has eventually noticed an opportunity to better his life: by forming a relationship with a woman of two young daughters, who was at the time divorcing her husband, the loving (biological) father of both her children. He right away fell in love… with the Tuxedo big and fancy house she resides at, and with the German made new cars her controlling parents are driving. And so, shortly after meeting her he has moved in to reside with this desperate and battered woman and the beautiful innocent children. To his close friends he has always quietly admitted that he is in fact gay, and that he has never liked children or wanted a family. Talking to his friends he was heard referring to his relationship with this woman as “…my Canadian safe retirement plan”. He now works as telemarketer for a local software company, but claims to be an engineer and an international project manager. At his free time he took over the basement of the house, where he spends most his time, ridiculously calling it “my lab”. He is apparently designing there some stupid and useless electronic toys that no one is interested at. He took over the house attached garage too, parking there the car his partner’s parents purchased for him. He is doing so in the most inconsiderate and rude way, making sure not to leave a room there for any other car to park. While refusing to sign a prenuptial agreement, while never marrying his partner, and while never having children of his own, he has now been claiming to be his partner’s children’s stepfather and a friend to their friends. He saves the little money he makes- by not paying rent to his partner, and by never contributing to the household income whatsoever. The money that he saves he regularly sends to his sister in Argentina, who is an unemployed single mother, and to his nephew there. To get his partner’s Jewish wealthy family to like him, he is pretending to be a member of their faith, when he is certainly not. When he attends a Jewish congregation, sitting next to them, he tries to make it look as if he is truly worshiping, which if you really know him is a grossly pathetic image. This looser foreigner is not a husband, and certainly not a father. He is more of a sad joke, the by-product of Manitoba’s soft immigration policy. Go back to Argentina, Rolando! You won’t be missed here…

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  1. AndrewDecember 6, 2018 at 7:45 AM

    What you talking about?
    I slept with him a few times…
    He is as gay as it gets!

  2. RolandoSeptember 2, 2018 at 11:37 PM

    It’s funny ! That I had many sexual encounters with Gail Asper ! Now she’s one dirty lady !

  3. Gail AsperAugust 27, 2018 at 1:33 PM

    True story.
    I know his partner’s parents.
    He deserves them, and they deserve him!

    • AdrianSeptember 2, 2018 at 4:56 AM

      Gail take a good hard suck ! Just like you use too !

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