Winnipegs biggest bum – Scott Maccaull

Winnipegs biggest bum – Scott Maccaull

The Dirty Army: This guy here is a straight womanizer. He uses women for sex and money. Jumps from baby mom to baby mom and meanwhile talks bad about his one Amanda dann. He says how she tries to suck him off and like begs for it and he’s just so grossed out by her. He’s verbally and emotionally abided the other one so badly she’s all on meth and selling her self for dope. All he cares about is selling drugs. Thinks he’s super hot because he has a BMW. That he can’t drive. He drives around this sh1tty ass red car selling crac. My gf told me she got the dose from him and that he just uses women to get whatever he wants and then he will punk them after. She said he’s like so sh1tty in bed , lasts like 2 minutes and acts like he’s hot shit

— 2 minute part sounds true.

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  1. SuperheroAugust 29, 2018 at 10:07 AM

    Nik… Where to start with this garbage. Scott constantly tries to push crack and pepsi through Winnipeg. He constantly gets busted and acts hard like he wanted it to work out that way. If you’re in that type of business, don’t trust Scott. He’ll RAT you out to the police to save his own a55. Scott tries to act hard all the time. Scott is a b1tch that can’t fight. He constantly grts his a55 kicked and then makes threats like he’ll get his uncle after you. Scott doesn’t know how to take care of his responsibilities… Like his three kids. I feel bad for any woman that gets involved with him. Hopefully one day, Scott can have that one bedroom 8×8 cell he’s always wanted.