Shana Baxter — Nasty Shana Kwandibens-baxter

Shana Baxter — Nasty Shana Kwandibens-baxter

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty Winnipeg whore claims to be something she’s not ! Acts like she’s some prize to be won when really she’s just an escort on the DL ! I know this considering im one of many she’s been with ! Stay away from her, she’s she’s a dirty ugly buck tooth bitch who brags about her current drug dealer boyfriend who she sleeps with just for his money LOL heat bag ! People need to know about this one, I feel bad for her so called best friend too when all she does is talk about all her friends behind their back, she’s nothing but a dirty dirty p4p but still on welfare bum hahah sleeping with alot of men for money but still broke . How sad ! Lmao

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  1. Kayday$$$August 14, 2018 at 7:35 AM

    Hahah she’s a cheap one she begged 2 of my boys in the same night for them to pay her and she’ll sleep with them, gang banged her and she got 5 Bux from each of them LMAO