Drunk Embarrassment – Shawinin Jonasson

Drunk Embarrassment – Shawinin Jonasson

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This loser here is Shawinin Jonasson. 35 years OLD and still living with his mom and is unemployed. So where are you getting the money to buy to get girls drunk so they’ll like you’re weird crazy a*s? Also says he’s never moving out and claims it’ll be HIS house when his mom goes, he’s the “youngest” out of his 2 siblings so his mom just lets him use her for just about anything. He takes her bank card to afford drinks to buy for “women”. Only way he gets any or brags about the car his baby mama bought for him. Sad case this guy is, just plain ugly inside and out. Chose drinking and drugs over visits with his own kid. Then complains about his babymama meanwhile the chick’s only 20 years old!! Cant make a hoe into a house wife. Right Shawn?? Wonder why?! Shes too young for you bro! Sick guy tried to tie her down with a baby but mad that it didnt go as plan.



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  1. JessykaMay 28, 2018 at 5:12 AM

    You think you can try to make me think this is my fault. But I wasn’t the one talking for hours while I cry in the other room waiting for you. You are the one that put her before me. I gave you everything and you didn’t even care. You through it away for this child. I guess you deserve eachother. I’m still single do you know I’m not dating a slut from another country. You choose her and have to live with it now. I know I am strong and will always do what needs to be done. Good luck with doing everything thing your self. Feel sorry for your boy for having to live with your cooking and I hope you someday realize you lot the best thing for you. But I am focusing on healing and working on me for my children. So I am always will be fine but I’ve learned alot to not trust someone that’s as two-faced as you.

    • The game changerMay 28, 2018 at 11:40 PM

      Well said ! Now that’s a game changer . That’s going to be on the TSN Highlights tonight .

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