Stay clear of this foot fetish loser

Stay clear of this foot fetish loser

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Ok Nik, I tried submitting before but you never accepted. This loser is Chris Ohrling. This guy is something else. He has this foot fetish that’s just insane. He wants to touch your feet all the time and even jerk off on them. He was caught numerous times doing it to his now ex gf while she slept. This guy also tried to do it to his niece who was like 6 or something. Has me worried this goof might be a pedo.

This guy cant hold down a job and was living in his uncle’s garage in Point Douglas area. He will tell you anything to make you like him, but he is usually lying. He said once that he wrote songs for ACDC and that he was in a band and could play guitar. I spoke to the singer of this said band and they told me NO, he has never palyed iin their band he was like a groupie and went to all their shows. He also likes to do Pepsi. He lures woman off Plenty of Fish and tries to seduce them by using old photos, when he actually didn’t look like a 70 year crack head. He lies and says he has money and nice cars (he will steal photos off the internet lol).

His family wants nothing to do with them, as he owes the so much money. He’s looking for a sugar momma,someone to take care of him. Don’t fall for it. It’s so bad that he now uses the last name Mccallum because he has screwed over so many woman (seriously facebook search Chris Mccallum-you will find him). He also had DRD a few years ago, so ladies beware, who knows what else he has. He is missing about 80% of his teeth, they are all rotten its disgusting when he smiles. He also likes to cheat on the woman he’s dating, but he isn’t smart enough to pull that off, and always gets caught. He even told someone I know that he works downtown as a welder and get paid big buck, problem is he works with my friend and he doesn’t do any of that. He’s a little b*tch at this place and does all the grunt work.

This guy has a daughter whom he owes over 5000 in child support payments to her mom. When this guy was kicked out by my friend, this loser moved in next door into an apartment facing her house and harassed her and her kid.The guy is a scum…lowlife….loser. He’s just after your money and your feet. He will likely tell you he has taken his massage therapy courses and that he makes toe rings!!! He will ask for pictures of your feet..LADIES, STAY AWAY!!!!!

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