Steven McArthur of Winnipeg

Steven McArthur of Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Steven MacArthur is a 42 year old John with a fraudulent claim of lifetime disability and was not even content with the amount of money he was collecting from WCB. He wants more, so he will go through any lengths to portray the law abiding citizen that he is totally NOT! And tried to milk the government for more! Can someone on disability for life for a spinal injury he claims HAPPENED at work but did not have a business as a fitness buff and collect from the government at the same time??? He thinks he can beat the system by just going through the process and milk them for more?

Not only that. He has a couple of girls which are all under the age of 23 that he hangs out with and thinks he is a big stud?! Wow. They told people that they don’t even sleep with him. He just sits in his room and gawks at them!! He even sits down when he pisses cause I think he can’t aim with a belly FULL of jelly lol!

He will pose as a friend first then when you decide that he is a creep he will then try to backtrack and charge you for every favor he did for you! At least 4 girls can vouch that this is true for a fact . He is just lazy to work for his money. He has to rely on his roommate who pays for all the bills cause he is shysty enough to rip them off and thinks he has the right to because he feels he can?! He is so low that he will try to cause a situation where he is egging you on just so that you freak and he can call the pigs !

Well this guy had gotten away with all his scams that he thinks he is invisible. Well, think again! Anyone can see your fat, ugly, toothless face from a mile away lmfao! So I say give it up Steven. We all know you’re just blowing smoke out of your stinking ass! And that you are hopefully doing some time for premeditated fraudulent claim to WORKERS COMP BOARD all because he is greedy! Sorry, man, can’t let you go on in life thinking you can always get away with things. You CAN’T. Truth will always prevail! And maybe you’ll learn to be humble first then maybe you have a chance in normal life after all.

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