Terry Gutkin — The Double Standards (Divorce) Lawyer of Winnipeg

Terry Gutkin — The Double Standards (Divorce) Lawyer of Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Terry Gutkin, an average and below, yet high price, divorce lawyer in Winnipeg, is an immoral and unprofessional man of many double standards. When acting for the woman, he will go on record to patronize the husband and father and criticize his parenting style. Unfortunately, some Judges will usually allow it, as a few of them attended law school with him and know his family and partners. The truth of the matter is that he himself has failed, both as husband and father. As husband, he has divorced his lovely wife and moved in with his young secretary. As father, he managed to raise (an adopted) son who was convicted of manslaughter and sent to jail, and a daughter who would not speak to him and who is on drugs. A few years ago he acted for Bailie, the first trophy wife of (then) (infamous) Mayor Sam Katz. When the case still pending, Terry has moved to be with the big law firm which acted for…Katz. Other than resigning, he has “sold” Bailie’s case to Katz lawyers, at the firm he is with ever since. The betrayed client realized right away that her case is now collapsing, and as result had to escape town with her parents and two daughters, to Vancouver. He is also, generally, in the habit of overcharging his clients, who have to pay his ridiculous hourly fee even when it is obvious that his paralegals and not he, as is common with him, are the ones doing the (simple) paper work and preparations of the case. He can be a funny guy too, when dragging a case in Court forever by suggesting that he is unavailable during the Jewish Holidays, while everyone around him well knows that he is a just a greedy dishonest non-believer. While he drives a nice sport car and likes to wear expensive glasses, I would not recommend getting involved in any way with this creep! You have now been warned…


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  1. Vancouver lawyersSeptember 24, 2018 at 9:03 PM

    Generally overcharge. Most people in Vancouver are on drugs or boozed up

  2. Berry ShenkarowAugust 27, 2018 at 1:36 PM

    I can not agree more.

    This is why I insisted on hiring, a few years ago, a different divorce lawyer for my (older) daughter.

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