Vindictive Malicious adult child Rebecca Hyatt

Vindictive Malicious adult child Rebecca Hyatt

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rebecca Hyatt. She is a property manager at Garden City Shopping Centre. However, she doesn’t manage anything. She simply carries on an emotional affair with (then) janitor/maintenance employee who has since been terminated OR wastes time taking 3 hr lunch breaks / meets people off of Kijiji to sell her personal used vape paraphernalia. She treats everyone in the office like they are her minions and tries to intimidate the office, but it’s pathetic. She is straight up white trash . I mean, what married woman with children engages in a public emotional affair? She is such a malicious person that she proudly tells the story of how her ex husband cheated on her and she took him back under the terms that he get a vasectomy just so he couldn’t father more children. The whole while she knew she knew her motive was solely that and she had no intention to stay with him! What a crazy person. She had a lot of negative karma coming to her and it’s going to be such a joy to watch! This woman has no idea how to function in an adult world and she is a horrible person. She is a waste of human flesh tbh.

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  1. GrooDecember 4, 2017 at 1:05 PM

    Seriously, this is boring. Clearly a disgruntled employee posted a revenge story. I want drama, I want controversy. This is neither. Does nobody read these before publication? Weak.