EXCLUSIVE: Amber Portwood Talks Rumored Sex Tape Deal 

EXCLUSIVE: Amber Portwood Talks Rumored Sex Tape Deal 

We started hearing rumors that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her fiancé, Matt Baier, had met with Vivid Entertainment regarding a sex tape deal. We reached out to Portwood to get the story.

When asked about the sex tape meeting, Portwood would neither confirm or deny if a meeting took place.

She did, however, share that, “Even if I did do something with Vivid it wouldn’t be like other celebrity videos. I was the first to be asked years ago and turned it down.”

“I’m not against them,” Portwood continued, “but I hate when people act like poor me. You made the decision. Make your money and do something good with it.”

“If I ever did anything like that I would just say yeah I did it and now I have halfway houses opening up or I would use it (the money) for charity,” Portwood added.

She did also confirm that, as of now, “there’s no sex tape.”

While we’re assuming that there was a meeting that took place- due to our sources and the fact that Portwood is not denying or confirming it- it definitely sounds like, for now, there’s no sex tape on the way from her.


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