Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham Not Ready To Be Photographed

For a model, it’s all about looks and good pictures, and when Ashley Graham was caught out shopping at The Grove in Beverly Hills, California, this wasn’t her best look.

As she herself jokingly says in the clip- “Oh, it’s not even ready”– and we’re guessing she may be talking about herself, as she doesn’t appear photo ready, as she’s dressed in high waisted pants that almost show off a little cameltoe and a low cut top that shows off her +2’s.

Ashley, you weren’t ready… and we concur. We weren’t ready to see this either.

Ashley Graham Makes Heavy Influential

Don’t adjust your volume, we had a technical error while recording Ashley Graham at 2017 Time 100 Gala.

In our new movement to see the light … we (I want to throw up) would like to say congratulations to Graham for making fat people socially acceptable. Graham is influential because she’s a heavy supermodel with ‘curves’.

And you wonder why kids still live in their parents basements until the age of 27.

Ashley Graham Is Still Famous For Being Heavy

The Dirty spotted supermodel Ashley Graham departing up the escalator at LAX. She was almost unrecognizable because of her McDonald’s figure, but of course the cameras caught the ‘plus plus’ sized supermodel.

Yes, this is what America has become. We praise the unhealthy.

Please also notice how nice we are in this posting. At no point did we use the word that starts with F and ends with T. That would be discrimination and we cannot hate on the cellulite seen in this video. Stay you Ashley Graham.

Was that politically correct enough for everyone?