Ayesha Curry Participates In Dinner Made Of Dumpster Food, Figuratively Speaking

Ayesha Curry, the wife of Steph Curry, appeared at the Glad Products Co.’s ‘Love Food More, Waste It Less’ dinner experience in partnership with Salvage Supperclub… and, while we’re all for unique events, this one is a bit above our heads.

Curry describes the night in the following manner: “We’re doing incredible things tonight. We’re using repurposed food that otherwise wouldn’t have been used and making something fantastic out of it.”

While that sounds interesting, she then goes on to say that, “We’re actually having a gourmet 7 course meal… but the food is actually repurposed food. So it’s stuff out of the dumpster, figuratively speaking. It’s things that would have been passed over in the grocery store or things that have been passed over that are being sent to a food bank- we’re taking them and turning them into something beautiful and edible and fun.”

Umm… at the risk of sounding a bit pompous, ew. We’re all for saving the earth, using the food we have/not being wasteful, etc., but eating “stuff out of the dumpster” even figuratively speaking sounds awful and, frankly, disgusting.

Note to friends and family of Ayesha- be careful when eating at her house. You’ll never know where your meal came from.