Cameron Dallas

Hailey Baldwin Is A Failure At Hiding

Hailey Baldwin was recently spotted by the paparazzi out with Cameron Dallas in New York City, and she clearly does not want to be seen.

The second she’s spotted, Baldwin covers herself with a hoodie and continues to do so in the entire clip.

While we understand possibly not wanting to be photographed by the paparazzi, this avoidance technique is dumb. It doesn’t work, and now the press just has tons of photos of Baldwin embarrassingly trying to hide herself.

If we were a teacher and giving you a grade on this, you’d receive a big F. It’s that much of a flop.

Better luck next time, Hailey.

Hailey Baldwin And Cameron Dallas Are Not A Couple, Just Friends

Don’t get your hopes up … Hailey Baldwin and Cameron Dallas went to dinner at Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood. But this wasn’t a dinner date.

According to our influencer source, “Ew. They are just friends. Hailey [Baldwin] would never”. She continued, “probably just a desperate attempt for Cameron [Dallas] to excite his followers”.

Moral of the story: Verified followers are your real friends.

Cameron Dallas – Is Not Dating Rihanna, Yet

Cameron Dallas confirms he met with Rihanna’s publicist named Amanda. So now everyone thinks Cameron is making love to Rihanna. Sorry folks that’s not how it works … publicists in Hollywood need to pre-approve romances. Amanda hasn’t given the go-ahead for set up date shots. She’s still evaluating Cameron’s social media conversion rate.

Also, I can’t tell if the guy asking for Cameron’s autograph is homeless, but I can tell he thinks he’s meeting Justin Bieber. And this ‘big announcement’ was for a X Out campaign. Why do they always hire kids who don’t have acne? #FullSam

Cameron Dallas – Best Fake Teeth In The Game

I’m starting to understand this – If you have 18 million followers you can do whatever you want in life. Just ask Cameron Dallas how he’s living? Dude has the best veneers money can buy.

Cameron explains in our video how he’s a model for Tommy. Um …

The marketing department at Tommy Hilfiger don’t want models … they want influencers who want to claim they’re models. Genius move – dupe the talent to promote the brand.

Cameron is a good looking dude (no homo), but come on … let’s not kid ourselves on why he got the gig.