EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Abraham Exposes ‘Strip Tease’ On Her Father By Marriage Bootcamp Co-Star Kendra Wilkinson Baskett

The Dirty spoke exclusively with Farrah Abraham to get her thoughts on the non-stop media bashing of her parents by Kendra Wilkinson Baskett on her media tour to promote WeTv’s Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition. As we reported last Friday, Farrah’s father Michael Abraham was quite shocked with Kendra’s statements to the media.

So what did Farrah have to say about it?

“Kendra [Wilkinson Baskett] was doing dances and weird sexual dances at my dad with my mom in the room,” Farah exclusively shared with us.

“I think my parents equally want nothing to do with her and are disgusted by her behavior,” she continued. “When I saw this I literally can only imagine what kind odd open marriage agenda her and her husband have.”

“I hope they keep their disturbing sexual behavior separate from their children!” Farrah added. “This ‘Strip Tease’ kind of dance and said inappropriate sexual comments toward Dr. Ish – she could care less to really work on family relationships.”

We asked Farrah if Hank Baskett‘s infidelity with a trans individual was discussed on the show and she further dished that, “Kendra brought it up and is still in denial.”

With that being said, though, Farrah doesn’t believe Kendra can do better than Hank, as she told us that, “No. Sadly, he can do better. Hank takes care of their kids.”

So he’s the Mom? “LOL. Yep!” Farrah wrapped with saying.

While fans of each will differ on who they support, one thing is for certain- Farrah ALWAYS tells everyone how she truly feels. And there’s something to be said for that.