Gucci Mane

EXCLUSIVE: Gucci Mane – Alleged Assault Victim Hits Rapper with Lien over $60k Unpaid Judgement

The Dirty can exclusively reveal rapper Gucci Mane has been slapped with a lien by the woman he allegedly threw out of a moving car …. and she is on the hunt for his assets to collect on the $60k judgement he refused to pay.

Back in 2011, the rapper was arrested for allegedly throwing a woman out of a moving Hummer … due to her not wanting to go to a hotel room with him. Gucci was eventually sentenced to 6 months in jail for the incident. The woman, Diana Graham, sued Gucci soon after the incident demanding damages for the pain, emotional distress and mental anguish he caused her.

Gucci blew off the legal battle and the judge granted a default judgement in the amount of $58,161.24 … to cover her medical expenses, lost wages and her pain. The order stated the woman was allowed to go after his cars, bank accounts and other property to collect on her judgement.

Then recently, Diana headed to Georgia Court and slapped Gucci with a lien against any and all of his property and assets. The docs reveal the rapper hasn’t paid on the $58,161.24 he was ordered to pay in damages … and now she is on the hunt for his assets to collect on her $60k.

EXCLUSIVE: Gucci Mane – Pleas with Judge to Leave Country to Perform, Says He Has Turned His Life Around Since Prison

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Gucci Mane pleaded with a federal court judge to let him leave the country – to perform a series of concerts in Europe – and the rapper pointed out in his plea that he has turned his life around since prison.

Back in 2014, the rapper was sentenced to 39 months in prison for possessing a firearm despite being on probation. Gucci was ordered to pay restitution, submit to random drug tests while on probation and participate in a drug/alcohol program along with serve 3 years’ probation once he was released.

Last year, the rapper finally was let out of prison 4 months early. He is still subject to random drug tests and checks in with a P.O.

Then on March 15th, Gucci headed back to court pleading with the judge to allow him to leave the country. He explains he is a successful rap artist and has worked tirelessly to regain his career after his prison time.

He currently has offers to perform in Europe between June 29th and July 15th … including stops in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland. Gucci handed over all the contracts to his probation officer, who didn’t object to the trip.

Gucci pointed out he has shown and continues to show he has turned his life around in every respect. The judge agreed with his argument and granted the rapper’s motion to head to Europe this week.