EXCLUSIVE: Jen Wilke – Rubs Masseuse The Wrong Way

EXCLUSIVE: Jen Wilke – Rubs Masseuse The Wrong Way

A professional masseuse has exclusively come forward to The Dirty … our source shared her interaction (horror story) with Playboy model Jen Wilke.

If you recall Wilke went viral when she created a GoFundMe page. She was trying to raise $10k to help further her modeling career. Looks like she still has a ways to go.

Our source told us, “I’m a massage therapist who had the displeasure of working on Miss Wilke, she was definitely the rudest client I ever had! She came in for an appointment (which somebody else made for her and paid in advance) and she got upset when she found out her therapist was a female and said she wanted a male.” She continues. “Well, whoever booked the massage insisted on a female. She then rolled her eyes and said “Ok, let’s just get this done..” It was then I couldn’t wait for it to be over.”

Of course it gets better, “I then left the room so she could disrobe and when I get back she’s on the table and OMG she had some serious B.O.! I used lavender scented oil to improve the smell. During the massage, she couldn’t make up her mind, every 5 seconds she’d want a different area worked on, I was so happy to hear the time’s up alarm. After trying so hard to keep her satisfied, she didn’t even tip!”

Our source concluded, “After she left the receptionist told me that she was in Playboy, and I was like “SHE was??” So that explained the diva attitude.”


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